David Bellamy Supporting Interlock Charitable Trust

"I have long admired the vision of Terrence & Rohini Mckee & have done what I can to support the work of Interlock for over 30 years. Their continued success despite many problems stems from their complete understanding of the problems facing the local people & the fact that the self respect of self help can & does move mountains. Their approach has never been the ever open begging bowl, they have always sought seed capital & then through their own hard work & expertise allowed the project to reap the dividends. To add the earning power of tourism into that earning package is an exciting development. More & more people in the affluent world are seeking much more from their vacations than days on the beach, heritage grabbing or smug culture shock, they want to be active in helping to solve problems. As international Chairman of the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, President of Coral Cay International & Vice President of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, (the latter two being at the cutting edge of working holidays world wide & the former seeking & rewarding the world's best examples) I can with my hand on my heart say, 'this sort of tourism is growing in strength all the time'. It is for all these reasons that I am writing in support of these latest proposals of Interlock to extend their work by building a guest house at Ratnagiri & can assure you that it will be a wise investment " Prof. David Bellamy BSc, PhD, Hon DSc, D Univ, FLS, OBE

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